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Have more time to spend on what matters most.

Be intentional

get clarity 

Take control 

Coaching for professionals & business owners in life & work.



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Challenges to overcome?

You feel stuck or blocked.

You're going around in circles or feel rudderless.  Is fear holding you back or is it a big transition or decision?

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Goals to achieve?

Feel like you're no closer to achieving them? You're doubting yourself or they seem out of reach right now? 

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You Want greater fulfilment?

The treadmill of life/career is just not doing it for you?  You have more to give but not sure how and know you need more focus?

If you’ve got this type of thing on your plate, you’re not alone.

Just like you, countless high-achieving, ambitious and driven people are trying to figure out the best way forward in their lives.  Many of them know they want 'more' but just don't quite know how.


Luckily for you, this is my speciality.

I can help you get your thinking straight, help you make decisions that matter most to you, develop actions and provide the support and accountability to progress in the way you want.

You're in the right place.

Sometimes, you just need help getting to the next level. Progress equals happiness, and I can help you achieve progress in the areas of your life that matter.  While success takes work, dedication and time, I help you set goals, make an action plan, and consistently provide supportive tips, tools and strategies as you make progress. Friends and family can provide advice and listen to you vent.  But you need me, a Coach, if you want to determine what really matters to you in an honest way and make a strategic plan on how to move forward.

Get your Clarity Session.

It's on me, no charge.

It's always a good idea to have a chat before making an investment.  Even better to experience it so here is a gift for you and see how we may work together.

Click the button to schedule your session.  You will get Clarity, we will use a couple of tools to help where to focus right now and give you an Action Plan. There is no charge, this session is on me.


In the words of one of my clients...


Get to know ME

Hi, I'm Iain Menmuir a Certified Professional Coach.  I'm glad you're here

There is so much more in each one of us than we know.

I truly believe this. I know this first-hand and see it every day.

Iain Menmuir

I have had more 'life' than my years and trained and worked with some of the worlds leading Professors and Teachers, in life and business coaching; and continue to do so.


The people I work with are from every walk of life: individuals, mums and dads, the self-employed to CEO's.  The range of countries spans from the UK to China, the USA, throughout Asia, the Middle East and back to Europe.


For the last few years, my focus is on coaching and avalanche education!  The latter you can have a look at by clicking here


All this experience adds up to make me an excellent coach with great breadth and depth of skill and knowledge.

all to help you.

In a successful partnership with me as your coach, you stand to gain:

=new strategies=

=Unlock your resources=

=Increase your knowledge=

​SOme examples

  • Clarity on what you want and the steps to achieve it

  • Greater self-awareness and a clearer mindset

  • Increased individual performance, productivity, and confidence

  • Development of critical ‘soft skills’ and decision making

  • Accountability and personal growth

There are only three steps:

1. Book your Clarity Session now - It will be online or the phone.

2. Bring the thing you most want to discuss, if you know what it is.

3. Turn up, get some clarity, focus and actions on this thing that matters most to you.

WHAT my clients SAY

Professional Man Holding a Tablet


Creating Clarity, more time everyday and focus on what's important.

“My life has been immeasurably better since you started coaching me.”

Woman in Office


Self-employed, 'imposter', zero confidence, trying to renew a contact with a Client.

“You have saved my life! Really you have, I was about to loose everything, and our one session changed all that…”

Confident Young Woman


Feeling that the 1800€ she invested in her programme was a lot to spend on herself. After her first session she sent me this.

"I felt we achieved so much I'd gladly spend €1800 per session..."


I'd love to hear from you

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+64 21 02 486 036

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