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You've got goals you want to reach,  challenges or limiting beliefs you’re striving to overcome, ideas that need a map, times when you feel stuck or not clear on what it is you want?  Or you've got decisions you want to make that you haven't been able to make on your own.

You're in the right place.

With me as your guide, you will get

clarity and

unlock your potential

to set you on your 

path to thriving in every area of your life.

"Iain Menmuir.  My rock..." | “…you have a vast knowledge of life and work and ask such powerful questions…” | "You inspire me…” | "I can't thank you enough for getting me thinking straight!"

Making coaching accessible to everyone

Breakthroughs & results happen in just one session

There are only three steps:

1. Book your session now - It will be online or over the phone

2. Bring the thing you most want to discuss

3. Turn up, get clarity and unlock your potential.

Why Iain

My motive is clear:

There is so much more in each one of us than we know.

Help and serve more people, more often, more of the time by making coaching accessible to everyone.


I have loads of experience, trained and worked with some of the worlds leading Guru's, and continue to do so, and have plenty of 'bookish' knowledge.  I have worked with people from every walk of life: individuals, mums and dads, the self-employed to CEO's.  The range of countries spans from China to the USA, throughout Asia and the Middle East to Europe.  The diversity of companies is as broad; such as Oracle, EY, First National Bank, Shell and Harvard Business School publishing.

I have set up a range of companies from Consulting to Forestry, one of which broke me professionally and personally, almost 20 years ago now.  For the last few years, my focus is on coaching and avalanche education!  The latter you can have a look at by clicking here.  All this experience adds up to make me an excellent coach with great breadth and depth of skill and knowledge all to help you.

Outside of work, I have stretched myself from the high Himalaya to southern Patagonia, Norway to New Zealand; climbing, skiing, ultra running and building amazing friendships.  There have been as many failures as successes, and I have learnt about me and others every time.  I look forward to helping and serving you in the best way I possibly can.

Broken Direction_edited.jpg

Common areas people want to focus on and where they experienced an impact from coaching

  • Clarity of what they want

  • Increased self-esteem/self-confidence

  • Improved decision-making

  • Improved work/life balance

  • Increased well-being

  • Improved communication skills

  • Increased productivity

  • Optimized work performance

  • Developed leadership skills

  • Improved business management strategies

  • Expanded professional career opportunities

  • Accelerated the transition into a new professional role

My Gift to you

Every day I see people getting results or making progress from Coaching, in every session.  Over half of my Clients achieve their breakthrough in just one session.  Later, they come back because they know they will get Clarity, new ideas and actions that align more closely with what's important to them.  They know it ensures they get the most value out of those critical conversations.

I'm also aware some people are not quite sure but are curious - you're reading this! You're asking, could you help me? Well, YES.
The best way to find out is for you to experience Coaching. I want to make the massive benefits available to everyone. That's why my gift to you is for the Clarity Breakthrough session I'd like to give you 40% off.  
I know the power of Coaching, first-hand, and what we can achieve in just one session.

And there's more...

The power of coaching



2020 has been a transformative year for so many of us.  In this short, two and a half minute, clip I outline why and how I've transformed coaching to make it more accessible to more people more of the time to set out on their path to a more thriving life.


getting clarity,

Unlocking Potential,

Setting Goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change

As your guide, my role is to ask powerful questions.  To act as a sounding board, provide objective assessment and observations.  To listen fully and actively, challenge your blind spots, and foster shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives. 

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What people say

GARY, aspiring divisional director and wanting to get better work/life balance.  He works in Financial Services and made the move to achieve his goal.  He's now in the job he's wanted for the last 20 years and has more family time than he ever thought was possible.  Amazing what a bit of Clarity and Focus can do!

“You have such a vast knowledge of life and work.  I couldn’t have made the changes and decisions in my career and life without that.”

STEPH just needed to get around the mountain.  Okay, it was 170km+, non-stop, through the night with 10,000m of climbing to do.  She's one of the The North Face Elite Athletes.

“Iain Menmuir.  My rock.  We just met, but Iain I feel like I’ve known you for a million years.  You stayed up all night and day to support, comfort and encourage me on my way around the mountain.  You have no idea how much that meant to me and how full of gratitude my heart is.  You are amazing and I would not have made it to Chamonix without you.”


KRISTEN, an Entraprenuer in Tech.  Change never stops in small, growing firms and managing people, let alone time, is often a challenge.  Clarity and calmness are often the answer.

“Your coaching makes me feel safe and comfortable and a great sounding board (and sometimes the giver of great advice) to make the changes I want and was frightened to make before.  I now know the things that often scared me are actually the things I desire and must do.”



ROGER, making choices and decision of how and when to make the career move towards retirement.  Risk Manager in Financial Services and now set up for a great retirement.

You make me feel safe, confident in my decisions and keep me focused on what I want and where I want to go.  I no longer have to procrastinate…you won't let me!” 

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