Speaking Engagements

Iain is a highly skilled speaker and facilitator at Conferences, Global Congresses, Employee Workshops and Leadership off-sites.

"...more insightful and practical than anyone I've heard before."

"enormously engaging and inspiring..."

"you will come away inspired to do more..."

A clip from an interview Iain gave in the summer of 2020.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can add value to your upcoming event or workshop.

General Themes

= Navigating Trust & Transparency in leadership. =

= Social & Environment before Profit makes you richer.  Purpose-driven leadership. =

= Leading Exponentially by becoming a Purpose-Driven team. =

These are all based on my first-hand experience of leading teams, typically in high-risk environments.

Upcoming Events

11th February 2022, Dunedin, NZ.

Join Platinum Recruitment for an executive training session, with International Leadership Coach Iain Menmuir.


All living things grow.  They change.  When they stop growing, they die!

A first-hand story about how a purpose-driven leadership team can make change seem effortless.

Some Past Engagements

NHS - Inspirational Leadership

Enquest - Trust, Transparency, Simplification & Change

TAQA - Project Leadership - empowering complex teams

Bridge2Think Global Congress - Leadership, Learning & Strategy

(On behalf of Harvard Business School Publishing.)

Institute of Business Leaders - Navigating the ambiguity of leadership with Trust, Transparency, Simplification & Change

CNOOC - The journey of Trust & Transparency