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As a leadership team, we spend a lot of the time and energy in search of the competitive advantage by defining strategy, identifying cost savings, better technology and more sophisticated engineering and so forth. All of this is smart. However, there is one critical advantage that is available to any company or project wishing to invest the time and effort to get it, and that is CLARITY.  It is the primary lever that enables and often creates a paradigm shift for the ‘smart’ stuff.


Clarity is achieved by the leadership team aligning around a common purpose with the principles of trust, transparency, simplification and change.  These are rarely made conscious, often overlooked or paid lip-service too yet are some of the most powerful things a leadership team can do.  They deliver results.

The first step is to embrace the idea that, like so many other aspects of success, having a leadership team steering an organisation that can change fast and turn challenges into opportunities is simple in theory but difficult in practice.  It requires commitment, courage and consistency. The key to success is to keep things simple – rather than requiring complex thinking or analysis.  The benefits become exponential.

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