Investing in yourself

The best investment you will ever make

The coaching I provide is tailor-made for you. I am a Certified Professional Coach to help you make the changes you want. It is all manner of coaching: life, career, relationship, motivational, business and so on. All wrapped up in one.

I have trained and am certified in Life Coaching, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Group and Team Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Conflict Management and Resolution and Mediation. There's more, but you get the gists.


My Clients find that these 'niches' are all intertwined and influence them in all areas of their life. I tend to agree.

So what I do.  Imagine a grain of sand in your shoe and as it rubs away, imagine the size of the blister or sore it causes.  Small things can have big effects.  The longer it is there, the bigger the consequence. The moment it's removed, the relief is more than in that area, it is everywhere and it has gone forever.


Coaching with me is like that. We look for the grains of sand, the things holding you back, that have the most significant consequences. We remove them forever, to help you progress towards what you want.

Initial Clarity Session

this one's on me.

The Clarity Session is a structured coaching session which will last about an hour.

As well as giving you Clarity and a plan, this session also gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and whether we can work together.  We will discuss what the coaching programme will look like.

Give me a call or message me to book your Clarity & Strategy Session you can do that here.

The Nitty-gritty

After your initial session, if we decide to work more together this is what it may look like.

The frequency:

weekly, fortnightly, monthly, is something we will discuss.  Often we start with a few fortnightly sessions then review.  Nothing is set in stone and I will guide you to what works best.


The length of the sessions:

The Clarity & Strategy is up to an hour.  After that, it varies depending on what we are working on.  Typically the sessions will be from 1 to 2 hours.  Occasionally a bit longer.  Some Clients come and visit for a whole day or weekend for a deep, immersive session.

Where will we meet:

I use WhatsApp and BlueJeans video calls (like Zoom or Skype, just more secure and limitless!).  You'll receive the details once you book and we schedule the first session.

A typical programme:

runs is over 12 or 24 weeks.


There are various payment options available.

Anything else drop me a line.