Maximise your Momentum Programme (24 weeks)

Maximise your Momentum Programme (24 weeks)

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One-time purchase
Max Momentum
24wk programme - Maximise your Momentum
$450.00monthly/ 6 months

Twelve coaching sessions totaling 18 hours of dedicated, one-to-one professional coaching. Usually: Six 2hr session interspersed with six 1hr sessions


Single Payment: 2295€


Payment Plan: Six payments of 450€


You want clarity, to unlock your potential and have the momentum to get you to that thriving life of yours.


You want to commit to take massive action to change and get the things you want. This programme will do all this and more.  We all need help and support when we are making changes and evolving for us and everyone around us.  This is the place to get just that.


You can use these sessions as you wish over a 6 month period.


As an example: 2 sessions in the 2 weeks apart, followed by sessions about every 3-4 wks. So it's around 14 weeks or less in duration. I, of course, will be available between session to help and support you on your implementation.