Partnership Programme

Partnership Programme

Price Options
One-time purchase
Momentum Partnership
48wk Partnership
$450.00monthly/ 12 months

Mentoring, Coaching, NED all rolled into one - as it should be.  An unrivalled combination to make maximum change and growth to your life & work.  All the regular support, encouragement and accountability you'll need to CANI... constant and never-ending improvement.


Single Payment: 4320€


Payment Plan: Twelve monthly payments of 450€


This is completely tailor-made for you.  Typically around 1 day per month to support and deliver for you and your business.  The investment starts at €500 per month on a retained basis.


Maximum access when you need or want your coach/mentor.  The initial investment is for 12 months.  Beyond that we'll chat about it as the time comes.  Get in touch to discuss what is on your mind.


This draws on my experience of working with Business Schools, world 'Guru's', top Management Consultancy's and includes a tailor-made personal development pathway based on your current skills and competencies.  Then we will gather the learning resources required for you to develop and grow in all areas of your life and work.


My support will be unwavering on this transformative journey. It takes courage and commitment to do this. I will be there with you every step of the way.


We will agree the terms of a retained arrangement through our discussion.


My 'shout' box, if you had any doubt:


  • Successfully lead, for SME businesses, multi-million pound contract bids and contract renewals in various financial services organisations.


  • Set up 1 tech product and service business that was a monumental failure – that broke me in every way.


  • Set up 4 successful small businesses from Tech Consulting to Forestry.


  • While I worked for HBSP I had access to some of the greatest thinking in business and designing corporate-wide curriculums in management & leadership.


  • I have led multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams in North Sea offshore oil and gas, organisational consulting across APAC and mountain safety in in the Middle East.


  • I have been part of the leadership teams on several billion-dollar projects, always delivering – one particular project was 25% ($327m) under in both time and cost.


  • I have delivered new performance management frameworks across EMEA for technology firms.


  • I do all the learning-legwork for you.  I have trained/learnt/attended Harvard Business School programmes, Robbins Institute Business Mastery, the TKI Institute, amongst many more.  Oh and a 1st Class Honours Degree, Masters and PhD from the Global University of Hard-Knocks!  


  • As a result, I have a little knowledge and experience of how folk and business work!