“Iain Menmuir.  My rock"

“…you have a vast knowledge of life and  work and ask such powerful questions…”

“I feel safe and comfortable under your 'leadership' to discuss anything...”

"You inspire me…”

B, battling hidden barriers to their progress to become a CEO.  They work in the Care Industry and is now a CEO.

“No one has ever helped me admit to myself how competitive I am, let alone say out loud that I’m not prepared to lose!”

GARY, a family man and aspiring divisional director wanting to get better work/life balance.  He works in Financial Services and made the move to achieve his goal.  He's now in the job he's wanted for the last 20 years and has more family time than he ever thought was possible.  Amazing what a bit of Clarity and Focus can do!

“You have such a vast knowledge of life and work and ask such powerful questions.  I couldn’t have made the changes and decisions in my life without that.”

STEPH just needed to get around the mountain.  Okay, it was 170km+, non-stop, through the night with 10,000m of climbing to do.  She's an Elite Athlete, #2 global ranking at the time.

“Iain Menmuir.  My rock.  We just met, but Iain I feel like I’ve known you for a million years.  You stayed up all night and day to support, comfort and encourage me on my way around the mountain.  You have no idea how much that meant to me and how full of gratitude my heart is.  You are amazing and I would not have made it to Chamonix without you.”

KRISTEN, an Entrepreneur in Tech.  Change never stops in small, growing firms and managing people, let alone time, is often a challenge.  Clarity and calmness are often the answer.

“Your coaching makes me feel safe and comfortable and a great sounding board (and sometimes the giver of great advice) to make the changes I want and was frightened to make before.  I now know the things that often scared me are actually the things I desire and must do.”


JAMES, a former International rugby player making the transition from the relatively 'safety' of rugby life into the corporate world.

“From our first session, all I wanted to do was impress you [because you inspire me so much] with the things I’m achieving in my business life... I just needed your help and support.  We have got this.”


ROGER, making choices and decision of how and when to make the career move towards retirement.  Risk Manager in Financial Services and now set up for a great retirement.

“You make me feel safe, confident in my decisions and keep me focused on what I want and where I want to go.  I no longer have to procrastinate…you won't let me!” 

SHARON is a team leader in a Construction firm and new to leading people in a tough business.  At the same time running a family home and 3 children, confidence and a solid sounding board are required.

"You inspire me and challenge my thinking.”

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