The 6 Human Needs
The 6 things driving all of your behaviour

Do have re-occuring problems that even with your greatest effort to change or stop them they just keep coming back time and again?  You need this workbook.   This will change your life for the better.


"When there’s something you do that you love to do and could do for hours, I can promise you it’s because you get an enormous amount of certainty, variety, significance or uniqueness, connection, growth, and contribution from it.


When you perceive that an action will meet many of our needs, we are driven to take that action. Likewise, suppose there’s something you avoid doing or are continually putting off. In that case, it’s because your current strategy of approaching it causes you to feel a lack of certainty that it will give you pleasure."


A comprehensive and reusable 14 page workbook that will change your life and solve many of the problems we have that reoccur.


In part 1 of the workbook, I gives you all the background you need to understand the 6 human needs.  These are perhaps the only things common to every human.  I describe these in detail and the 4 broad strategies of why we do particular things - regardless of whether they are good for us or not.


Part 2 has a series of exercises to complete to build your self-awareness in connection to the 6 human needs and questions to address particular problems you have.  It finishes with an action planner to solve this problem immediately.


This is a tool I use all the time when coaching.  Please get in touch if you would like to know a bit more or have any questions.